Thursday, July 23, 2009

Green Soup

Two posts in one day. It's obviously the start of the summer break!

I thought I'd share this recipe for a very quick, easy, healthy soup.

25.g butter
1/2 an onion, finely chopped (I pre-chop onions and pop them into boxes in the freezer to save time later)
1/2 head of broccoli, cut into florets (or one bag of those ready cut broccoli florets!)
1/2 a pack chargrilled chicken pieces (those chunky pieces of ready cooked chicken) chicken or vegetable stock
Two handfuls ready washed spinach, rocket and watercress salad
50g mini pasta shapes
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Melt the butter in a pan, saute onions until translucent and soft (not coloured)

2. Add the chicken, the broccoli, and the vegetable stock, bring to the boil

3. Boil for 4-5 minutes (until the broccoli is just tender)

4. Add the spinach, rocket and watercress, stir until wilted. Remove from the heat.

5. Using a handheld blender, blend until smooth.

6. Add the mini pasta shapes, return to the heat and cook for 5 minutes (or for as long as the packet says for the pasta shapes)

7. Season and serve!

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