Monday, June 13, 2011

Meditteranean Vegetable Spaghetti

One day baby courgettes were on offer...

Serves 2

250g smoked bacon lardons
8 baby courgettes
8 sundried tomato halves
8 quarters/pieces of marinated artichoke hearts (often sold as "artichoke antipasti," in olive oil)
Olive oil
Wholemeal spaghetti to serve 2.

1. Put a large heavy frying pan (which has a lid) on the hob. Add a slug of olive oil (1-2 tbsp), put over a medium heat. Add the bacon lardons.
2. Wash, dry and slice the courgettes (fairly thinly). Put into the frying pan, and fry until just starting to soften and the lardons are beginning to crisp.
3. Put the pasta on to cook
4. Cut the tomatoes and artichoke hearts into smallish pieces. Add to the frying pan with a little of the oil the artichoke hearts are in. Cover and leave to cook on a medium heat.
5. When the pasta is ready, drain and add to the frying pan. Take the frying pan off the heat, and stir the pasta and the vegetables together.
6. Serve.

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