Sunday, April 15, 2012

Further Adventures in Sourdough

Really, this adventure was what all the other adventures had been leading up to. You see, ever since I had wonderful, Kosher, bagels in New York (no, I cannot remember where, I shall ask the American School Friend at the next opportunity) I have had a hankering to make my own. So, I did.

Granted, I generated so much steam that I set the fire alarm off (at 3am - it's a long story) and gave myself a free sauna. Plus, they're not exactly normal bagel shaped, but they were the best thing ever to eat. All crisp crust and chewy bagelly yumminess. Smothered in cream cheese and thick cut smoked salmon. It was all I could do to not break out in song with pleasure.

The next sourdough adventure was a pizza base (with topping, so really, a pizza).

Both recipes were from Sourdough Home

As an incident point, I currently average 3 blog posts a month, and am unsure of my readership (my stats are currently overrun by search-bots) - so I shall conduct a poll (respond in the comments, I'm too lazy to set a radio-button one up):

Should I blog more often?
a) no - we hear more than enough from you
b) a little more often would be nice, sometimes I like to hear your voice
c) at least daily, possibly hourly, please
d) other - please specify


talesofpiglingbland said...

I read your blog set up in my google reader so as soon as you post something, I read it. A little more often would be lovely, if you can spare the time. Also, please tell me more about your sourdough. I tried to make my own starter and bread and it just came out really solid and tasting a bit...vinegary!

rbjaneite said...

I shall go for b) "a little more often would be nice, sometimes I like to hear your voice". Daily seems like it could be a little unrealistic and would make you feel bad if you had a busy week and didn't manage any posts. Blogging goals should not cause guilt-trips. I do always like to see a new post, though! They make me smile!

The Foggy Knitter said...

b please :)

Beckie said...

thank you all very much! I shall do my best.