Monday, August 18, 2014

Healthy Nibbles

One of the good things about Twitter is occasionally you will stumble across something new and interesting. Recently I stumbled across Healthy Nibbles. This is a brand new company "oop north" producing vending machines stocked with healthy snacks and mail-order healthy mixed snack boxes. In fact, they were so brand spanking new that when I first checked them out, they had only just installed their first machine and weren't yet selling their boxes.

However, after some rather energetic pester power, I managed to be their first official customer!

The box arrived very quickly, via Royal Mail. It is quite big, so if you have a standard "hole in the door" letterbox, it may not fit through. It is beautifully packed, and there was a charming handwritten note thanking me for being the first one to buy one.

There was a wonderful range of snacks. Being quite new to the world of healthy, slightly niche, snacks, I only recognised about 4 items, and had only ever tried 2 of them!

The box contained the following (forgive the spattering of links, I want you to be able to have a look at these items if you're not familiar) : Snapz tomato crisps (only 40 calories a packet, containing only tomatoes, and utterly delicious, with a wonderful crunch,) Oloves chili and oregano (just the right kick,) Elements for Life Yummy Scrummy Raw Chocolate Brownie (true to its name, yummy scrummy,) a tube of Superseeds Feel the Heat (not yet tried,) a sachet of Munchy Seeds Honey Seeds (I've tried these before, delish!) Nakd cocoa and mint bar (I think Healthy Nibbles have been watching my Twitter Feed, as I recently declared these my favourite Nakd bar!) Frank Orange & Chocolate and Blueberry & Chocolate bars (I preferred the orange one, I didn't dislike the blueberry one, but wasn't entirely conviced by the blueberry/chocolate combo), IQ Superfood Chocolate Orange and Wild Raspberry chocolate (haven't tried, yet,) Bounce Energy Balls Ginseng and Spirulina (not tried yet,) Olly Bars All Day Breakfast bar (really yummy, and my first taste of something containing chia seeds,) and last, but not least, Tyrrell's veg crisps (I like. A lot.)

A range of really tasty healthy snacks, several of which were new to me, meaning I tried things I probably would have passed over (to my loss.)
Lovely customer service.
A snack box service, delivered to the door; come on, who doesn't love the joy of opening a parcel and not knowing what will be inside?
Quick delivery after ordering.

Rather short shelf lives on some items (I brought this up with Healthy Nibbles, and am informed that this has been raised, and from now on all items will have at least 60 days until they expire)
The lowest priced box is still £19.95 (but I do acknowledge these are premium snacks, often from small independent companies, and this includes P&P)

Disclaimer: I paid full price for the standard Nibbles Box although there were a couple of bonus snacks as there was a slight delay in the posting, due to a supplier issue. All opinions expressed are entirely my own, and this review is entirely voluntary.


talesofpiglingbland said...

Aaah, snack . veg boxes. They are so good because it's like a Christmas present through the door, but you can eat it. Just too expensive to be a regular occurrence. This one looks great. Have you joined Foodie Penpals?That's like a free snack-box swap shop.

Beckie said...

I know what you mean! I suppose I would buy similar items ordinarily (or less healthy ones) so the box cost is offset by that. I thought about Foodie Penpals, but worry about posting my box on time!