Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lemon Macarons (Ladurée Sucré Bake Through)

These faired a little better than the chocolate macarons, with over half of the macarons forming feet, and fewer cracked tops. I think the problem is too thick batter, even after some hearty macaronage, so it may be a question of more stirring, less gentle folding, or slightly less almonds and icing sugar.

These underwent a very strange reaction in the fridge and became very soft on the outside as well as the inside, perhaps the lemon cream was a bit too wet, and there was too much water absorption?

They were rather melt-in-the-mouth, though, and this was well received. The lemon flavour was excellent, and the combination of the tart cream with the sweet macaron was rather nice.

I have one more type of macaron left (I think - raspberry) before I move onto other types of patisserie, and then I need to locate barquette moulds and savarin moulds! Maybe I'll take a short break to do some Christmas baking instead.

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Lemon Cream:
160g granulated sugar
Grated zest of 1 lemon (unwaxed)
5g (2 tsp) cornflour
3 eggs
110ml lemon juice
235g butter (softened)
Macaron shells:
275g ground almonds
250g icing sugar
6+1/2 egg whites (separated)
210g granulated sugar
few drops of yellow food colouring (I added more than a few drops of natural yellow food colouring, but did not get the desired colour, unfortunately)

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