Tuesday, August 18, 2015

#CookBlogShare Round Up 11th to 17th August 2015

My week hosting #CookBlogShare has been such fun - I've read so many lovely recipes, drooled over countless delicious looking photos and bookmarked lots of new ideas.

In the time-honoured tradition of #CookBlogShare,  I will therefore present a round-up of my favourite four recipes. I now understand why previous hosts go on about how difficult it is to decide - it really is! I think it is probably rather telling about me, rather than those who linked up, that all of my favourites were sweet treats, and three out of the four were chocolate based! These are presented in no particular order:

I loved the idea of these delicious and unusual Lemon and Raspberry Meringues with Aquafaba by Only Crumbs Remain. I was utterly intrigued by the use of the Aquafaba (the liquid usually left in the can from canned beans in water) and inspired to use it (successfully) in a batch of egg-free chocolate chip cookies!

I'd Much Rather Be Baking Than... had me positively dribbling over her Nutella Chocolate Milkshake Bundt Cake - who doesn't love a milkshake, and a milkshake in a cake? Well, fabulous, no?!

Jo's Kitchen's Black Forest Ring Cake looked absolutely wonderful - I love Black Forest Gateaux and the idea of having the cherries as an integral part of the cake delights me.

And last, but definitely not least, Sneaky Veg's Black Forest Gateau Raw Brownies with Coconut Cream have firmly made their way onto my "Cook This" list - I love raw bars and brownies made from nuts and dried fruit, and the idea of a Black Forest version thrills me.

I'll be back hosting #CookBlogShare in September, but in the meantime, I'll hand you on to Kerry Cooks




MuchRatherBake said...

Thank you for featuring my Bundt cake!! It was a lovely surprise. Also, thanks for hosting so CookBlogShare can continue :)

Beckie said...

You're really welcome Laura!