Monday, February 06, 2012

Better Late Than Never, Better Never Late

I was busy, then the Computer Geek was busy, then I was busy, then the Computer Geek was busy (you get the gist). Aaaaaanyhoo, these are the photos of the presents I wrapped and the cake I made this last Christmas.

I made myself very happy - all in brown paper (recyclable, unlike normal "christmas" paper which often contains gold/silver/sparkles which can ruin an entire batch of recycling if they are included)

But to make them pretty, each one had a different colour curling ribbon round it (colour coded to recipient)

But in case the recipient did not understand the coded colours, they also had vintage-looking luggage tags.

The cake is a little special - we don't like icing in our family (but we do like marzipan) and we don't like artificial colours, so it's a neutral marzipan cake... mmmm, you kind of have to be there I suppose.

All photos: The Computer Geek


Emma said...

These are beautiful. I'm very jealous - my attempts to curl wrapping ribbon drew blood! Do you think creativity can be learnt?

Beckie said...

Without a doubt. I failed art, craft design technology and textiles at school.

Beckie said...

And thank-you!