Wednesday, April 10, 2013

When life gives you guavas...

make guava sorbet!

I inherited an old tin of guava halves. Feeling the need for sweet, fruity goodness, my mind turned to sorbet. Unfortunately, however, Google was less than forthcoming on a recipe for guava sorbet involving the tinned kind. Seeing as I have never even seen a fresh guava, let alone tasted on, fresh guava sorbet was not going to be an option (quite aside from the fact that the tinned guavas were already staring at me)

So, as per usual This Is Not My Home protocol, I maded it up.


1 tin guava halves (the 400g+ size tin - guava "shells" are probably better as they are seedless, but that's not what I had)
125ml water
62.5g granulated sugar (sorry if your scales can't weigh to 0.5 of a gram, round in whichever direction pleases you)

1. Put guava halves into a food processor (Magimix) and puree into oblivion. Set aside
2. Put sugar and water into a small but substantial pan. Bring to the boil, stiring constantly until the sugar has dissolved, then stop. Boil the sugar syrup for 5 minutes - do not leave it unsupervised and keep pets and children away. Leave the syrup to cool.
3. Sieve the pips out of the guava puree - really push it through the sieve with a wooden spoon or silicone spatula. You want as much puree as you can without actually grating the seeds through.
4. Mix the puree with the cooled sugar syrup.
5. Pour the guava puree into an ice-cream maker and churn until softly frozen.
6. Turn the sorbet out into a freezer-suitable container and freeze until properly frozen/required.

(In a correction to a previous statement, this is in fact the 100th post - the one before took into account unpublished posts - I read the wrong number!)

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